CoreHog Milling Calculator

Milling Speed and Feed calculator for both Composites and Metal

The first Speeds and Feeds calculator to incorporate composite materials, brought to you by the cutting tool Innovators of the composites industry.

Proven parameters to optimize tool life, part quality and production


  1. Tool selection guide for Honeycomb core, CFRP, Fiberglass, Carbon, Graphite, Kevlar and Sandwich Panel
  2. Composite router bit Speeds and Feeds
  3. Sandwich panel Speeds and Feeds
  4. CFRP Speeds and Feeds
  5. Fiberglass Speeds and Feeds
  6. Kevlar Speeds and Feeds
  7. Graphite Speeds and Feeds
  8. Scientific Calculator
  9. Drill chart
  10. Tap chart
  11. Functions both in metric and Imperial